Welcome to Tofino Fitness. We are a 1500 sq ft community style underground gym located at Cedar Corner. It’s a facility that gives you everything from cardio machines to free weights. We are currently open 24/7


Laura Heininger

Laura’s life has been benefited by Yoga for twenty years and she has enjoyed teaching internationally for twelve years. Yoga has had a huge impact on her health, and you can find her practicing every day at one time or another! Her classes, workshops, and trainings have been well-recieved around the world- in England, Greece, Mozambique, Bali, Peru, and here in Canada.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

This all-levels class is a fun and challenging session, working with flowing sequences to warm and open the body, focus and relax the mind, and maybe even soothe the soul! Combining movement with breath, Vinaya Flow Yoga benefits balance, strength and flexibility, leaving you rested and relaxed.

Community restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice, using props to support the body to rest at length in the shapes. This relaxation allows the nervous system to re-balance, benefiting sleep, digestion, hormone balance and immunity. The classes offer a rejuvenating experience- from the inside out!

Kimberly Johnston

Kimberly has been teaching yoga for the last decade. She started teaching yoga when she lived in Hokkaido, Japan working as an English teacher. She was so committed to bringing the practice of yoga to her students that she created an outdoor yoga space for students to gather twice a week. She worked alongside another ESL teacher who transcribed all of the yoga poses into Kanji and in this way, she brought yoga to students who never practiced before. This experience taught her to appreciate the potential for yoga to transcend culture, language, and even our own personal limitations. Yoga is the bridge between who we think we are and our potential. Kimberly helps people begin that long walk across the bridge. Her classes are fun, upbeat, and often times challenging.  She always offers a theme to students in order to ground and centre the practice in something greater than simply the poses. She currently works privately as well as teaches once per week at Coastal Bliss. She offers workshops and retreats throughout the year. Kimberly also runs a backyard botanical business called WildRoots. She makes salves and tinctures with the plants that grow in her backyard. Her love for nature and technology come from her deep interest in the natural world as well as her studies at Royal Roads where she received a Masters degree in Environmental Education and Communication. Kimberly is happiest when these two worlds collide and she can set her yoga mat down on the beach or in the forest. Kimberly is passionate about Hit Yoga because sweating offers the greatest opportunity for purification. Through our sweat we can push our bodies to heal and restore our mind to a state of calm and serenity.

Sydney Steinbach

Sydney is a highly motivated dancer, personal trainer and fitness instructor. She has an energetic passion to help others obtain their personal and long term goals and has lived in the community for many years. She is certified under the ISSA, Royal Academy of Dance, Zumba, and the National Coaching Certification Program. Her love of movement and the outdoors has provided her positions to choreograph worldwide and has finally made Tofino her home to stay. Sydney believes fitness should be fun and wants to provide the best experience possible for every guest who enters Tofino Fitness. She will always be around to lend a helping hand, to encourage a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle, and to always put a smile on your face!

Panagiota Thymaras

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga at the Ancient Cedars Spa in Tofino for the past 10 years.

Offering and gentle full spectrum all levels evening class which will focus on a deeper awareness of alignment and breath. Using infrared panels to heat and heal the entire body.

Marija Udovicki

Marija studied Pilates extensively in Novi Sad, Serbia as well as Victoria, BC, she has been teaching in Tofino since 2011.
Her base knowledge is, in classical Pilates technique, however she uses functional approach in body conditioning with accent on spinal safety while enhancing athletic performance of her clients.
Pilates students are experiencing benefits of developing strong, but lean muscles; stable and strong core, better posture; improved balance and coordination.
These classes are suitable for all ages as modifications/progressions will be provided.

Drew Beattie

My name is Drew and I am originally from Melbourne Australia. Before traveling to Canada I worked as a strength and conditioning coach/PT for 3 years, where I was lucky enough to help many men and women completely change their life and move them towards their goals from losing weight to getting stronger, while giving nutrition advice and guided group coaching and 1on1 sessions. Overall guiding clients towards a happy and healthier lifestyle was my mission. Since moving to Canada I have lived in jasper Alberta, whistler bc and now tofino! I enjoy anything and everything outdoors with a love for nature and anything that sparks adventure including hiking and any sort of travel. I’m a keen mixed martial arts fan since once working in a martial arts gym so Im always up to date with UFC latest news and I love helping others and meeting new poeple! that’s why I’m excited to start coaching at tofino fitness and look forward to seeing you all there

Rochelle Andrews

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga at the Ancient Cedars Spa in Tofino for the past 10 years.

Offering and gentle full spectrum all levels evening class which will focus on a deeper awareness of alignment and breath. Using infrared panels to heat and heal the entire body.


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